Site Facts

Capital Region Housing Corporation is planning to build and operate a four storey building, with three storey of apartments above a ground floor commercial space for professional, financial, and office support services. The Stadium Manor apartments will be located at the north-east corner of the McCauley neighbourhood, on Norwood Blvd. (Section of 111 Ave that transitions to 112 Ave) and is part of one of Edmonton's oldest commercial strips.

This area is currently in a state of change, where the older buildings have been demolished leaving an uneven street-scape of open and occupied sites to the west of the project site. The site is within the eastern edge of the City's Pedestrian Commercial Shopping Street Overlay (PCSSO) for this area whose goal is to revitalize the commercial nature of the City blocks running along 111 Ave.

The commercial frontage along Norwood Blvd. is positioned right up to the north property line to contribute to the pedestrian-oriented character of this area as regulated by the PCSSO. The commercial units will also have a minimum of 70% glazing to reinforce the commercial nature of the space and provide visual surveillance to the north side of the building to address Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) strategies.

The exterior finish on the commercial ground level will be a combination of aluminum framed windows and brick veneer. The brick will be a traditional red in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood's existing buildings and recently constructed Fire Station #5 across Norwood Blvd.

The three residential apartment floors above the commercial will be exclusively one bedroom units for a total of 23 suites in which three of the units will be barrier-free. Access to the residential levels is at the southeast corner of the building. The area immediately outside the vestibule is open and the vestibule itself is glazed full height to provide visual surveillance not only inside the building to the outside, but also outside to within where passing vehicle traffic on 90th street will provide surveillance.

The exterior finishes of the residential levels will be a combination of cementitious siding and prefinished metal siding. The east stairwell will be finished in brick veneer carried from the commercial level. The north portion of the west wall will be treated with the brick veneer. The articulated facade of the upper floors reduce the otherwise imposing scale relative to the existing under developed sites.

Ideally, people should not be spending more than 30% of their household income on their housing costs. In recent years, this balance has become very difficult for many families based in Edmonton to achieve. CRHC actively builds and purchases existing developments across Edmonton to include in our Affordable Housing program. In this program, all of the rents are set at minimum 10% below the average market rent rate in that area. This allows families to live in a properly maintained and safe environment while still being able to afford other necessities. All prospective tenants are carefully screened to ensure they can comfortably afford their rent and must complete criminal record checks for these crime free projects. From a student working evenings while going to university to a retired senior who volunteers with not-for-profit groups, tenants in the Affordable Housing program span many different age groups and job descriptions. CRHC is committed to giving all qualified families in the Alberta Capital Region housing options that allow for the best quality of life possible, given their individual situation.

Completion date: December 2013