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Site Facts

CRHC purchased an existing 3 storey apartment building at 3312 - 105 Avenue in the pleasant Rundle residential neighbourhood of east Edmonton. The building was constructed in the early 1970's on a formerly common format with the lowest rentable floor plate one half storey below grade, resulting in a building height of 2 ½ stories measured from grade. An attractive feature of the building site was its ability to support an additional 12 apartment suites in a 3 - storey addition at the west end of the existing building.

In accordance with current barrier-free regulations, the ground floor of the new addition is set at grade. A requirement of the building expansion was interconnection of the new floor levels, to those of the existing building. This was accomplished with a new stairwell between the two structures.

The exterior of the new addition was designed to harmonize with the existing building, without exactly replicating the existing exterior treatments. As in the existing facility, balconies were provided to all units, which helped the new construction to relate in scale to the existing facility, and to nearby single family residences. Also like the existing building, stucco has been utilized as the exterior finish material, in multiple tones with a subdued colour palette.

The new addition included a well-insulated exterior envelope, with new Energy Star rated appliances and dual flush toilets in all suites. Energy saving provisions also included a high efficiency boiler and a heat recovery unit. Two of the twelve new suites have been designed to meet full barrier-free criteria.

The vehicle parking on the site was re-organized; including a new asphalt surfaced parking area west of the new addition, and additional parking accessed from the lane on the north edge of the site. The site has been fully landscaped.

The River Heights building is located in close proximity to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, and Rundle Park, which will afford excellent recreational opportunity to residents.