everyone deserves to live in a home, not just a house.

everyone deserves to live in a home, not just a house.

The Background

Safe and affordable housing is a key ingredient in the health, well-being and economic prosperity of any community. There are over 100 social housing sites managed by Capital Region Housing.

This is the first social housing regeneration project in the City of Edmonton. In partnership with the City of Edmonton and others, Capital Region Housing is embarking on an energizing and ambitious project to redevelop and revitalize the Londonderry housing complex in the Kilkenny neighbourhood in north east Edmonton.

Taking a fresh, new approach, the project partners will form the foundation from which the community as a whole will prosper, and establish a place that people will be proud to call home. Learn more about the Kilkenny community in this Neighbourhood Profile >>

The Site

Located in the north-east Edmonton community of Kilkenny, this housing complex is owned by The City of Edmonton and is managed by Capital Region Housing. Built in 1971, the site is at the end of its life cycle.

the Londonderry Housing complex was built in 1971.

the Londonderry Housing complex was built in 1971.

The Plan

In 2013, it was decided to begin vacating the units through attrition. With a plan to redevelop the property in the coming years, all remaining tenants were giving a notice of redevelopment in Spring 2014.

The community consultations, which began with the first open house held on January 25, 2016, should be completed by September 2016. Demolition will take a few months and should be completed by November 2016. It is anticipated construction will begin in 2017.

To help meet current and future housing needs, the development will contain 240 homes representing a mix of market-rate and subsidized homes that are indistinguishable from each other. This mixed-market model will helps to ensure the project can be sustainable.



Capital Region Housing
The City of Edmonton

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Demolition: Summer 2016
Construction: Spring 2017
Public Engagement: Completed

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Phase 1: Introduce project and process
Phase 2: Generate ideas
Phase 3: Present concept options
Phase 4: Present recommended concept

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