Your Phase 2 public meeting questions answered

At total of 80 people joined us at the Phase 2: Generate Ideas public meeting on April 26, 2016 at Kilkenny Community Hall. We appreciate everyone who took the time to attend, ask questions and provide feedback at this second public event that provided the opportunity for people to be a part of the discussion and process of determining the potential form of this residential development, as well as any additional features or secondary elements that could be incorporated as a benefit to all community residents.

Here are the responses to the questions we received at that public meeting:

Has the budget for this development been approved?
The budget for this redevelopment is projected to be $50-55 million. A portion of funding or grant funds will be provided by the provincial and federal governments.

How was the cost of the development determined?
The cost of the development was determined through a comparative analysis of historical data, based on average cost per unit.

Who is the developer?
Capital Region Housing is the developer for this project.

How was the decision made about the total number of units?
The number of homes in this new development has been determined by calculations that include a mix of both market-rate and subsidized homes to help meet the growing demand for social and a­ffordable housing in Edmonton. This development will include more homes (than the previous development) to ensure the same number of subsidized homes as was previously available, while including homes that are market-rate priced. By combining market, aff­ordable and social housing in one development, we can provide social housing in a sustainable way to help families live in a community without the need to move. This mixed-market housing model ensures the development can be maintained without any impact on property taxes.

Has a community impact study been done?
No formal community impact study has been done. However, CRH has consulted the Edmonton Public and Catholic School Boards about school capacity and enrollment impact assessments. Both Boards have confirmed area schools can accommodate the projected number of students from the new development. As well, the City of Edmonton is conducting a traffic study to determine possible impacts with the new development. These studies are key areas for future development and consideration.

How many parking spaces will there be per unit? Where will people park?
Bunt & Associates, a local transportation planning and engineering firm, has been hired to review the potential traffic and parking impacts of the redevelopment. The information they are collecting will be compiled and used to establish an existing base line for the review of future operations in accordance with City of Edmonton guidelines. Both resident and visitor parking for the development will be included onsite and may include a combination of underground and surface stalls.

What are the by-laws regarding playgrounds?
The new Londonderry development will not include a playground. Capital Region Housing has assessed the risks/liabilities involved and has determined that playgrounds will not be constructed as part of the Londonderry project.

Is there still room in the new development for a social service centre?
Yes, there will be space allocated in the new development that will be able to accommodate programs and/or services which will support and benefit the community as a whole. Through the public consultation process, residents, families, neighbours, businesses, organizations and community partners have had the opportunity to contribute their comments, thoughts and ideas to what the redevelopment will physically “look” like, including the type of services.

Will the new development have air conditioning?
Yes, the new development will have air conditioning.

Why can’t you build lower (e.g. underground)?
The Londonderry project will include up to 240 homes, depending on the form of development and/or building configuration. Our architectural experts have drafted the most feasible layouts based on a number of factors, including the possibility of building lower. The current proposed configurations have taken into consideration building specifications and are therefore configured to meet building regulations.

How are tenants chosen?
The new development will feature a mix of market-rate, affordable and social housing that will be indistinguishable from each other. The criteria for tenancy in the new development will be determined by Capital Region Housing.

What are the consequences for illegal activity by tenants?
Before they move in, all CRH tenants are required to sign a Crime-Free Lease Addendum, which cites actions that will be taken if a resident, or somebody under the resident’s control, is involved in illegal or dangerous activity on the rental property.

CRH is partnered with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. CRH has made a commitment to ensure all of our properties comply with the strict standards of this program, which includes Crime Prevention, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Concepts (CPTED), Combating Crime Problems, Working with the Police Service and Dealing with Non-Compliance. This program helps ensure that our sites are a safe and welcome part of the communities in which they exist. The new Londonderry development will be a part of this program.

In addition, private security conducts random patrols on our properties during the evening and early daytime hours, and a Call Centre is available during weekends and non-business hours, to ensure that tenants and the community can feel safe and secure.