Site Facts

Capital Region Housing Corporation has built a new four storey apartment, with three storeys of apartments over surface parking. The new development is located on the western boundary of the Central McDougall Neighbourhood at the corner of 109 St. and 108 Ave. Central McDougall is one of Edmonton's oldest communities with the area being formed in 1912 and the Central McDougall Community league created in 1923.

The new apartments are in close proximity to Downtown, Grant MacEwan University, NAIT, and Kingsway Mall. The west side of 109th street is primarily occupied by St. Joseph's High School and St. Catherine Elementary / Junior High School.

McDougall Manor has been designed to a maximum of four storeys with the main floor primarily for building services and access to the upper floors of apartments. The apartments will be a combination of one-bedroom, bachelor, and one-bedroom barrier-free units for a total of 28 suites.

The main entrance is centrally positioned on the west elevation and faces 109th street. It is transparent with full height glazing to the vestibule and lobby area to provide for Crime Prevention through Environment Design's natural surveillance strategy. The vestibule and lobby will also have a security camera system installed for extra safety measures. The raised feature of the building is a departure from the typical at-grade designs of the existing apartments along 109 street and will be the buildings distinguishing feature.

The exterior finish of the building will be a combination of cementitous stucco and fibre cement boards. Balconies will be finished with a durable vinyl deck covering. Handrails will be maintenance-free vinyl with glass inserts. All facades have exterior windows for visual surveillance to the parking lot and property perimeter.

Ideally, people should not be spending more than 30% of their household income on their housing costs. In recent years, this balance has become very difficult for many families based in Edmonton to achieve. CRHC actively builds and purchases existing developments across Edmonton to include in our Affordable Housing program. In this program, all of the rents are set at minimum 10% below the average market rent rate in that area. This allows families to live in a properly maintained and safe environment while still being able to afford other necessities. All prospective tenants are carefully screened to ensure they can comfortably afford their rent and must complete criminal record checks for these crime free projects. From a student working evenings while going to university to a retired senior who volunteers with not-for-profit groups, tenants in the Affordable Housing program span many different age groups and job descriptions. CRHC is committed to giving all qualified families in the Alberta Capital Region housing options that allow for the best quality of life possible, given their individual situation.