"The first social housing regeneration project in the City of Edmonton."

Project Overview

This is the first social housing regeneration project in the City of Edmonton. In partnership with the City of Edmonton and others, Capital Region Housing is embarking on an energizing and ambitious project to redevelop and revitalize the Londonderry housing complex in the Kilkenny neighbourhood in north east Edmonton.

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Community Engagement

The planning and redevelopment process will inclusive, transparent and driven by our values. Throughout this project we will engage residents, families, neighbours, businesses, organizations, community partners and the public in a meaningful way that generates a shared sense of commitment to this site redevelopment.

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Resource Room

The Resource Room is where you'll find all the information you need to stay on top of what's happening. You'll find project updates and news, fact sheets, information on upcoming meetings and milestones, timelines and the project photo gallery, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions.

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