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Guiding Principles

Throughout this project we will:

  • Ensure the timely sharing of project information that provides all stakeholders and interested parties with complete, objective and reliable information,

  • Engage and gather feedback, opinions and perspectives at various stages in the development of the site, and

  • Clearly demonstrate our commitment to engaging the public and incorporating their input into the project.

Community Engagement and Consultations

Public Engagement Phase 3C (Engagement led by Capital Region Housing)

A Community Engagement Town Hall meeting was held on June 4, 2019 to continue conversations about the Keheewin Building Housing Choices Development. Read the Community Engagement Phase 3C Report.

Public Engagement Phases 3 and 3B (Engagement led by Capital Region Housing)

During Phase 3 of Public Engagement the community met the project team from CRH and Stantec, and focused on two concept options; the options considered feedback that was provided in previous phases of engagement. A Community Engagement Event was held on January 16, 2019, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in the basement of Southminster-Steinhauer United Church. Read the What We Heard Report for Phase 3 and concepts A and B.

Read the Community Engagement Phase 3B Report.

Public Engagement Phase 2 and 2B (Engagement led by the City of Edmonton Building Housing Choices)

Phase 2 of Public Engagement, which occurred in May 2016, was a second Community Conversation at Keheewin School. Four scenarios were presented, depicting different styles of housing which may be built on the site. In June 2017, Phase 2B was added, with a Drop-in Information Session at Keheewin School. The intent of this phase was to provide a status update on the developer/operator selection process and continue conversations with community members about the project. In 2018, the City selected Capital Region Housing to be the developer/operator for the site. Learn about the Keheewin Building Choices here. Read the Keheewin Phase 2 What We Heard Report (May 2016) and the Keheewin Phase 2 - Responses to Common Themes (May 2016).

Read the Keheewin Phase 2B Information Session (June 2017)

Public Engagement Phase 1 (Engagement led by the City of Edmonton Building Housing Choices)

Phase 1 of Public Engagement took place in October 2015, and consisted of a Community Conversation at Yellowbird Community Hall to introduce the project. Discussions surrounded what elements residents liked most about Keheewin, and the perceived impacts of the Building Housing Choices Development. Learn about the Keheewin Building Choices here. Read the Keheewin Phase 1 What We Heard Report (October 2015).

How to Get Involved

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